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So, I’ve been writing and speaking a lot about our list building tips series…

If you want to get the full list you can go here

Anyway, the other day I wrote about tip #3 – which was all about getting on other people’s “shows”…

This is similar, but with a slight twist…

This time I’m talking about having other people on your “show”

Again, like I mentioned before I’m not necessarily talking about a TV show, or a radio show. What I’m talking about is wherever you’re publishing, and if you’ve been in my world for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate for publishing on a consistent and regular basis. In fact, that’s tip #1 which I wrote about – HERE.

And it doesn’t really matter if you’re publishing via a blog, like what you’re reading here, via a Podcast, or via a YouTube video.

In fact, really you should be doing all 3, and there are ways to go from one medium to another without having to redo everything or do everything multiple times.

I actually put out a training recently on exactly how to do that which you can access HERE

So, moving on – you should be having other people come on your show on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be every day, but I recommend at least once a week.

You’re accomplishing more than you think whenever you do this. First of all, you’re making your content production just that much easier because it’s one less piece of content you’re having to create – and remember, I recommend publishing something somewhere every single day….

If you’re thinking – but Mike, that’s a lot – who has time for that

Well, that’s the point, but I also recommend getting maximum leverage out of everything you do – which I wrote about HERE

You’ll get a lot of benefit by taking this consistent approach, and ultimately you’re creating a machine that in short order your competitors will have a hard time keeping or catching up with.

You’re also growing your network – by bringing someone onto your show, you’re doing the other person a favor – you’re giving them more exposure to new people, and they will appreciate you for it. Remember the saying – “your network is your net worth”…

You’re gaining a relationship which will work to your advantage at some point in the future. While you should be aware of this as you’re going forward, make sure you keep it in the right perspective. Don’t do things because you’re expecting something in return – this is NOT what I’m saying, and the people you interact with will smell it a mile away and you will get exactly the opposite result from what you’re looking for.

Another benefit of doing this is that you get to look smart by association…

Let me tell you a story…

I recently had a coaching call, and the person I was speaking to was feeling a bit of the “imposter syndrome”, because they wanted to launch a business in a niche that they weren’t credentialed in. I honestly don’t believe that matters, but that is a different point.

What I suggested they do is to start a show, and again it doesn’t matter what form that takes, and do it as an interview where they bring on other people from the niche with the credentials.

My point is, because of this person getting other people who hold the credentials onto their show, they have credibility by association.

So, I just gave you three solid reasons on why you should be doing this, but how do you go about it?

Well, let me give you a few tips that have worked for me as well as others I’ve worked with.

#1 Get In A Community

There are so many advantages to being in a community, and building relationships is a big part of being in a community. If you’re not in a community of like minded business owners, than I would encourage you to find one. This is exactly why we created the Business Growth Domination group which you can find HERE.

If you’re in a community of other business owners, and they are publishing, then this is a great place to start – reach out to others in your community and invite them onto your “show”.

#2 Ask Those Around you

In the community or communities you’re already in. The best thing to do is to connect with others who already have a platform and have already congregated your dream audience. If you don’t know anyone who fits that role, ask others you already know and are comfortable with in your niche.

#3 If you haven’t already, create your dream 100 list

In a future post, I plan to elaborate more on this topic, but you should create a list of all the influencers in your industry, especially those who are publishing – which if they are influencers, then they almost certainly will be. Make a point to reach out to these people.

If you’re not already doing this, then you’ll be surprised to find that most people you ask will be excited to come on your show.

This is one of the greatest ways you can build your marketing list, gain more clients and customers, make more income, and ultimately have a bigger impact on the world.

Also, before I forget – if you’re looking to build an engaged list of eager buyers, then you’ll want to check this out right now