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I’ve been talking quite a bit recently about publishing and getting the most out of the publishing you’re doing…

Today I wan’t to expand on that a little and show you one strategy where you can give a ton of value, get a ton of exposure, and make a significant impact on your list building efforts.

The strategy I’m referring to is – getting on other people’s “Show”.

When I talk about other people’s “show” I’m not necessarily talking about a television show, though if you are able to do that by all means do it – it will gain you a TON of exposure!

Most people though aren’t at that point in their career or business where they’re going to be going onto a full production television show.

Also, when I say “show” it doesn’t even necessarily mean video.

So, what do I mean?

Well, when I refer to a “show” I’m talking about anywhere someone is publishing – that could be radio or TV, but more likely it’s going to mean getting on other people’s YouTube, Podcast or Blog.

And if you’re thinking – what value do I have to give someone with their own “show”?  You actually have a ton of value. 

I’ve spoken before about one of the reasons HERE, which is the fact that you have an ability to reach people and make an impact on people that someone else doesn’t.

A lot of times people get in their own way and start thinking – “I can’t achieve what this person has…”, a lot of times they’re looking for someone with whom they can relate – you can very well be that person, give them the one thing that they needed for that exact moment in their life.

Secondly – What makes you think that just because someone has a “show” that they’re not looking to collaborate with someone who is able to bring a different perspective or show a new approach.

The truth is, they are – in fact, when you look at this with an abundance mindset vs a scarcity mindset what you come to realize is that this is really a win-win for both you and the show owner.  They win because you’re providing extra value to their audience and if you say something smart, they get credit by association.

You win because you’re able to provide value and earn the trust of a percentage of that person’s audience to also become your audience – because this isn’t really a zero sum game.  Just because some of their audience may ultimately end up in your camp it doesn’t mean they’re leaving the other person.

Ultimately you end up as another tool in that person’s toolbag.  Come to think of it, what I should have said is this is a win-win-win scenario.  You win, the show owner wins, and the audience wins.

Finally, one more point about this is you are actually providing a lot of value to the show owner.  No matter whether we’re talking about a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel or even a full production TV show, in order to keep their audience engaged, the owner has to consistently and regularly be putting out more content.

So, if you’re thinking it’s a big ask to be on someone’s show – you’re actually doing that person a huge favor.  You’re giving them one less piece of content to worry about.

Hopefully you’ve found this content to be one more tool in your tool bag and you’ll be able to start implementing this strategy into your list building efforts…

If you’d like to talk about how you can apply these principles in your business, I welcome you to book a call with me here.

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