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Actually AH Fox started making shotguns for competitive trap shooting (he was a very fine competitive shooter) in Baltimore before moving his operation to Philadelphia. I think he made around 1000 shotguns in Baltimore before moving to Philly. I know because, based on its serial number, I have one of the early Baltimore guns, built in 1906. Goulds Pump Serial Number Lookup. Serial number on your 12 gauge Fox Sterlingworth, 111999, would make it about a mid 1920's gun. Offering more variety than competitors, T/C's interchangeable platforms give shooters unprecedented options to create their ideal gun. AH Fox B Description:" SOLD Curio/Relic: Yes Manufacturer: AH Fox Model: B Serial Number: 11199 Barrels: 28 inches Triggers: Double Trigger Gauge Info: 12 Gauge Stock Comb: 1 1/2 inches Stock Heel: 2 1/2 inches Fore End: Splinter LOP: 14 5/8 inches Weight: 7 lbs. 1 oz.

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Serial numbers are located as follows: on the water table of the receiver, on the barrels, and on the forearm. If these match, as they should, this indicates the gun was assembled and shipped from either A H Fox or Savage. The Fox Gun company was in transition to Savage in the 1929-30 time frame. Some residual parts were used from Fox. The Air Force aircraft Serial Number is also usually marked on the tail, in smaller numbers. Below the abbreviation "AF" is placed the first two digits of the serial number, indicating the fiscal year in which the aircraft was ordered. To the right are the last 3-digits of the serial number. See graphic below.

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Serial Number Look-Up To learn more information about your instrument, enter the serial number and instrument type in the form below. *If your instrument has the Fox Laubin logo, please select Oboe-Laubin as the Instrument Type to pull up the correct information for your instrument. **Note: This database is a work-in-progress. 5. From October 1968 to March 1988 Savage/Stevens/Fox B doubles are serial numbered in a completely new serial number range beginning at A000001. The six digit (always) numbers, stamped only on the left side of the frame, not on the barrels or fore end or on the wood, are preceded by capital letters from A to E. Volkswagen Engine Number Codes. The engine that was originally installed in your VW at the factory, had an engine number stamped into the case, just below the generator stand. This number consists of one or two letters followed by a series of numeric digits. The engine number does not equal the vehicle's VIN, but VW kept records of each new.

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AH Fox DE Description: "ref # 8931 SOLD Manufacturer: AH Fox Model: DE Serial Number: 18616 Ejectors: Yes Barrels: 30 inches Action: SE Triggers: Double Trigger Gauge Info: 12 Gauge Fore End: Beavertail Butt Pad: 5/8 inch wood plate LOP: 14 1/8 inches Weight: 7 lbs. 12 oz. Doug Turnbull Signature 475 – Made to Order Log Number: TMC_SIG475_MTO Caliber:.475 Turnbull; Sale! Winchester 1890 – Price Reduced Log Number: 5663 Caliber:.22 WRF $ 995.00 $ 950.00; Sale! Winchester 1892 Deluxe.

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A Look Back at the A.H. Fox Shotguns. Ansley H. Fox was a somewhat troubled man, gifted in mechanics and the ability to design, promote and invent products, but apparently lousy in business acumen.

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Time: 14.06.2012 author: catsworkron fox savage model b serial numbers GunB Message Forums – Savage Fox Model B Serial Numbers Ugh! I have a Savage Fox Model B-c in the shop with no dang serial number that I can find. I have not pulled the stock off yet but will. When requesting information please include the serial number, grade, gauge, and barrel length. The A.H. Fox records collection range from about 1912 production to the end of the 1930s. The collection includes graded shotguns as well as Sterlingworth shotguns. A.H. Fox serial number range 1 – 450099 (some gaps occur in the range) l.c. smith a.h. fox.

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Your A.H.Fox sterlingworth 12ga.shotgun was made in the year 1927,with the serial number that you provided.

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Fox Sterlingworth shotguns are regarded as the best of all the economy-grade American side-by-sides. Weighing just over 6 pounds, Joseph's 16-gauge Fox Sterlingworth shows considerable exterior corrosion, but mechanically it's perfect and handles like a wand. I've only seen one Fox 12-gauge that weighs less. The records don't exist for this gun serial number 1733. It was pictured in The Double Gun Journal, Volume Nine, Issue 1, pages 96 and 97. Note the wonderfully profiled triggers on these early guns. "The FOX GUN" ( A.H. Fox "Wood Grain" Catalog A.H. Fox Gun Company, Philadelphia, Pa.). A search of the Fox records for SN 31108 discloses that that serial number belongs to an A-grade Fox 12 gauge with 30″ bbls, nothing even close to a Super-Fox. Fox records for serial number 31088 conclusively describes our gun here and thus unquestionably lays to rest any question of authenticity.

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Hampden Serial Numbers from The Watch Guy; Herschede Serial Numbers by Mike Murray, Adobe Acrobat 13KB; IBM Clock Dating from IBM; Illinois Watch Co Production Dates from PocketWatchSite; Illinois Watch Company Serial Number Search Service; Illinois Serial Numbers from The Watch Guy; Kit-Cat Clocks; Longines & Wittnauer Serial Numbers from The.

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Rough Savage 1895, 1899 and 99 serial number dating, based on the data I have collected over the years. 1895's: Serial number 3000-5000 manufactured in 1896. Serial number 5000-9999 manufactured in 1897. These are rough numbers based on letters from the historian, there are a few guns mixed into the higher numbers with a 1898 manufacture date but few and far between. AN AH FOX STERLINGWORTH shotgun is currently worth an average price of $802.35 used. The 12 month average price is $991.70 used. The used value of an AH FOX STERLINGWORTH shotgun has fallen ($109.45) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $802.35. The demand of new AH FOX STERLINGWORTH shotgun's has not changed over the past 12 months.

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High Grade Shotgun Dates of Production: YEAR: GUN # FREDERICK BEESLEY: 1891: 1100: FREDERICK BEESLEY: 1895: 1300: FREDERICK BEESLEY: 1900: 1650: FREDERICK BEESLEY: 1929.

I have a Sterlingworth Fox 12G Serial Number 73561 (1914.

Savage & Stevens Arms, Collector's History, by Jay Kimmel. Our database contains values of serial numbers through 566,000 which ended the year 1950. Serials did not strictly run sequentially. Therefore, dates may be a year different, especially near the 'boundaries'. Enter the serial number (leave out the ',' or '.' ) of your Savage 1895/1899/99.

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In 1981 the BE was gone, but the FA-1 and the FP-1 Fox autoloader and pump appeared. For 1982 the Fox offerings were B, B-SE, FA-1 and FP-1. For 1983 the only Fox offering was the B-SE. The B-SE remained through the 1987 catalog when its list price was $525. By the 1988 catalog the Fox name was gone.