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I had heard other people tell me that I needed to be publishing all the time, but it wasn’t until I finally started that I fully understood the power behind doing this.

Funny thing is, it seems so obvious now, but it is a total game changer.

Even though, I’m an extrovert, it was still a little nerve wracking, especially since I had decided to originally start with doing FB Lives as my chosen medium.

Once I did start though, I quickly learned the value of doing this.

You see, in order to build any brand or any company you need to have customers, well that’s obvious, but how do you get those customers?

Well, you have to start with getting a lead and how do you get a lead?

You have to draw people to you, or as Russell Brunson likes to put it, you have to create an “Attractive Character”.

But when I say create, don’t misunderstand me – You’re not actually creating in the sense of being fake, you’re more putting who you are on display.

In doing this, the people most likely to buy from you – your dream customer or client – will be attracted to you.  You may be saying the exact same things as someone else, but your buyers are looking for who they can best relate to.

They may have heard the exact same thing a dozen or more times, but until they hear it from the right person, and put in the right way or right context they’re not ready to receive it.

For your ideal customer or client that person is you, and it’s exactly your personality – just being yourself and being natural that will create the change they are looking for in their life.

But the thing is, they won’t know that’s you until you start putting yourself out there.

The second thing about this is if you don’t currently have a following, you need to build a backlog of content so as you start building your content people will have something to check you out by.

One of my mentors, Frank Kern, says it’s like your hosting a party and your ideal customer or client is the guest of honor, and your content is the other guests.  You wouldn’t want your guest of honor to show up and nobody else is at the party would you?

What would they do if that happened?  You’re right – they would immediately leave.

If you want your guest of honor to hang around, make sure they’re not the only one there when they arrive.  Make sure they have other interesting people to hang out and interact with, or in this case interesting content to consume.

This is just the first step towards building your audience, but it is a critical and foundational step.  This is the foundation on which you build your business.  Without a good foundation, your business won’t be able to stand.  With a good foundation you’ll be able to gain the momentum needed to propel your business to the next level.

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